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3D Body Scanner

The 3D Body Scanner, specifically the Fit3D Scanner, is a state-of-the-art technology that provides accurate and comprehensive body measurements. This service is an invaluable tool for those starting on a fitness or wellness journey, as it captures a detailed 360-degree image of the body and provides precise measurements of body composition, posture, and wellness metrics. The Fit3D Scanner is ideal for anyone looking to track their physical progress over time, whether for weight loss, muscle building, or overall health improvements. The scanner is capable of assessing various body areas and provides immediate results. These results offer a baseline to track changes over time, with the duration of visible changes dependent on individual fitness and health goals.

If you’re in St. George, UT, and looking to accurately track your fitness or wellness journey, Mesa Medical Health & Wellness offers the advanced Fit3D Scanner service. This technology will give you a comprehensive understanding of your body’s current state, allowing for more tailored and effective health and fitness strategies. Book your appointment with us at Mesa Medical Health & Wellness and take the first step toward a more informed and effective approach to your health and wellness goals.

Benefits of 3D Body Scanner

Frequently Asked Question's

Anyone looking to accurately track their fitness, weight loss, or body composition changes is a great candidate.

Results are immediate, providing an instant snapshot of your body’s current metrics.

The scanner provides a permanent record of your body’s state at the time of scanning, which is useful for ongoing comparison.

There is no downtime or side effects; it’s a quick and completely non-invasive process.

No special preparation is needed before a scan. After the scan, you can immediately resume your daily activities.

During the scan, you’ll stand on the scanner platform as it rotates to capture a full 360-degree image of your body, which takes just a few minutes.

Most insurance companies do not cover this but you should ask your provider to make sure.

No need to worry, we offer a 1-year financing program. You can call us for more information.

You do not have to worry when you miss a dose. If your next dose is more than 2 days away, you can take the missed dose as soon as you can. If your next dose is less than 2 days away, just wait until then. You should call your healthcare provider when you miss doses for more than 2 weeks.

You should always dispose of your pens and needles the right way. You can use an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container or a sturdy container that you have at home that has a tight-fit lid.

Please do not use your medicine if it is not clear. It should always be clear and colorless. Call us for a replacement as soon as possible.

Yes. You can take them with or without meals.

Recent studies show that about 1,961 adults who battle with obesity lose an average of 15% of body weight while taking this treatment. The ones that took a placebo only managed to lose about 2.5% of their body weight.

People respond to medicine differently and there is no specific or exact answer to when you will be able to see results. You can ask your doctor to set expectations for you, depending on your body assessment.

Just like other medicines, expect to experience some side effects. Although these can be mild, you might have nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, headache, tiredness, dizziness, and even heartburn. If some side effects are bothering you, consult your doctor right away.

Yes. If you are traveling by air, make sure that you carry your pen with you in your carry-on. Don’t forget to check with your airline for any baggage restrictions.

Yes. What is important is that you take it on the same day every week. You can take it at the most convenient time or when you remember.

You have the flexibility to adjust the day of the week on which you take it, provided that your most recent dose was administered at least 2 days prior.

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